Snow, More Snow, Still More Snow, Hosptital and a Final Journey to the Vet.

March 5th, 2008
Oh look, it snowed!! Again!!!
My arms hurt, but that’s a good thing. Physical work gets the blood singing and keeps the mind from overstraying it’s boundaries.
Just wish it hadn’t have needed a 20+ cm snowfall to take care of that, Oh, and guess what?!! There’s more on the way. Woot!!


March 07, 2008 11h46
Just a quick update on the previous entry. Weather Network is saying Montreal’s coverage should be anywhere from 30-50 cm of snow.
Maybe we’ll set a new record. The previous high was 385 cm and set the year I was born, in 1971. Mom tells me that the snow piles were so high that the Guertin family’s three boys, John, Bryan and Peter who lived next door, were using the roof of our old house on Vincennes Avenue in Pointe-Claire, as a toboggan hill.
This day just keeps getting better (sarcasm intended).
Noreen’s heading back to a hospital. we’re not quite certain which one as of yet. Her back is causing her so much distress, and the doctor who normally comes to Le Vivalis has not able to come in for over 3 weeks now, for various reasons.
Mom can’t go in to see her right now. The first reason being that she doesn’t want to get trapped in the City over the weekend because of the storm. The second reason is that later today, an appointment has been made with the veterinarian to put Quincy down.
It’s been decided that it’s just no longer viable for him, or my parents, to keep the charade going that everything will get better.
I’ll be staying home to keep Chelsie and Corky company. This is something that Mom and Dad want to do by themselves.

QuincyMy Dad with Quincy


2 thoughts on “Snow, More Snow, Still More Snow, Hosptital and a Final Journey to the Vet.

  1. Chris:  Please extend my deepest sympathy to your parents.  I\’m so sorry that it has come to this.  They must be just shattered.  There are very few things that are harder than having to say good-bye to a furry family member.  My heart goes out to all of you.

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