Updates so far (more coming)

010/03/2008, 10h24
Quincy rests now in peace forever. He was kept company up to, and beyond his final moments on this plane by his most cherished loved one, my parents.
Noreen’s back from the Lakeshore General Hospital after being released despite her protests on Saturday afternoon. She then had the dubious pleasure of having her Medi-Bus Get stuck twice in that snowstorm which pretty much dominated the weekend, en route the 1/10 km it takes to get Noreen back home to le Vivalis.
Got back an hour ago from a trip on and off the Island. Sub-section really called Ile Bizarre. We dropped off the snow blower, which has been rendered useless all winter due to maintenance issues. Hopefully, this welder will be able to put everything back together proper. Of course, it would have been nice to have the machine prepared long before this sensational winter had come along.
Oh well. If wishes were fishes……
Mom’s back. She took the other car with us to go in and see Noreen, who’s now feeling so much better, now that she’s been relieved of the pain that’s been besieging her for the last three weeks.
I saw Nana today. She’s doing really well, for a woman fast approaching her 90th birthday, as so she often reminds anyone around her that’s willing to listen.
There are plans in the making. I’m not certain if I’ve mentioned them in a previous entry or not, so I’ll just mention them again in any case. The family will be gathering, come June to celebrate her life. Fortunately, I believe that most, if not all of us are still located on the eastern side of the continent. It will be nice to see so many familiar, if somewhat older faces again. It’s been so long. I think the last time we all gathered would have been at Laura and John’s wedding four years ago.

One thought on “Updates so far (more coming)

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