28 Once Again, Changes in CHU

Well, my birthday’s Birthday cakecome and gone. I’m still 28 (for the 9th year in a row) and going strong.
I find it ironic that every time I come out to stay with my folks for a bit, to relax, something comes along from back home in Toronto to disturb my peace.
This time round it’s an announcement from Leslie Booth, whom after stalling and blocking my every attempt to find out the results of the bidding war for private contracting firms that manage some of the communities within TCHC, letting us know that at the end of this month, although Greenwin Property Management will still be handling the day to day running of our building, that we will be transferred from out of CHU 25 Davenport-Midtown to CHU 16 St. James Town.
I’m admittedly upset. Who wouldn’t be in the same place? Tenant Representatives are supposed to act as the communication link between TCHC and it’s residents, and we’ve been stonewalled this entire time. We could have been ready for this, set plans into motion to make the transition easier, had answers to the questions that will be demanded of us by the residents we are supposed to be representing.
Instead, poor Michelle and I have a rather large mess to deal with. I’ve done my best so far since I got the news late Friday, emailing E-mailjust about everyone our community has been working over the past couple of years, trying to determine just who will be staying on and what part they will play in this transition.
Now that I’ve finished venting over the past couple of days, I’m trying rather to consider this as an opportunity.
This could be exactly what our community here needs! A chance to start over again fresh, without the general bias that has plagued any of our endeavours due to our being overseen by CHU Housing Manager Leslie Booth and her apathy.
We’ve come a long way so far, as far as I’m concerned, and we haven’t even hit our stride yet.
Watch out CHU 16, here comes 250 Davenport Road, and we have no intention of getting lost in the shuffle.

3 thoughts on “28 Once Again, Changes in CHU

  1. Sh*t…. I thought today was your birthday. Geezzzzzeee you\’d think I would know that even after all these years! Oh well, that\’s what I get for going MIA. Happy happy anyways. I\’ll buy you a belated birthday coffee or latte when you make it back to this neck of the woods.

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