Today’s words of potential interest:

colleen [k? l?n, kólleen]
(plural colleens)
1.  Ireland girl: a girl, especially a young girl
2.  Irish girl: a girl living or born in Ireland or a girl of Irish descent

[Early 19th century. < Irish cailín ‘little girl’ < caile ‘girl’]

snuff [snuf]
noun (plural snuffs)
1.  powdered tobacco: tobacco in the form of powder, taken by sniffing it up the nostrils
2.  amount of snuff: a portion of snuff

intransitive verb (3rd person present singular snuffs, present participle snuffing, past and past participle snuffed)
take snuff: to inhale snuff

[Late 17th century. < Dutch snuf, shortening of snuftabak ‘sniffing tobacco’]

Why the heck would someone sniff tobacco up their nose????


One thought on “Today’s words of potential interest:

  1. I\’m not sure but, I remember as a child that chewing tobacco was rather poular amongst the farmers (generally male).  I always thought of it as a revolting habit, comparable to dogs who eat poop!!!

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