Another catch up

Oh dear gawds, it has been quite a long while since I last typed anything here in the blog section of my Live space. Sorry about that, but in my defense it was originally because the Turbo2Dialup software that my mom gets with her subscription to didn’t seem to be working well at all. I kept losing my connection to the internet. On top of that, heavy web sites, like this one, always seemed to be the ones responsible for it. So I just figured I would have to do my updates when I found the time.

That time is now. Fortunately I’ve been keeping track (of a sorts) of what’s been going on, using the Reminderfox add-on to keep basic notes. It may take a couple of days, and as you the reader scroll down, you’ll be going back further in time, as you would if I had been making entries on a regular basis.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008

It’s a provincial holiday here in la Belle Province. Saint Jean de Baptiste.

I’ve started gathering up my stuff and packing up my weekend bag, as I get ready for my trip to Toronto sometime tomorrow morning. I’ve already got my ticket for Coach Canada and I’m aiming for the 12h00 bus, as that will leave me very little time to get into any mischief once I pull into the Bay/Dundas terminal sometime in or around 18h00.

Meanwhile, Mom’s been busy smoking a turkey for the 7 hrs for dinner tonight. It should be quite scrumptious.

Monday, June 23rd 2008

Coleen has managed to break another rib, while attempting to pick up Socrates. Ouch!!


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