Wish I coud have seen them

Not one but two waterspouts spotted

Water Spout

Thu, 2008-07-24 08:45.
Kelly Lapare
funnel cloud

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Two cyclone-shaped waterspouts formed off the island of Montreal
Wednesday, giving residents a rare look at a weather phenomenon more
common to the tropics.

The first was spotted early afternoon in the St. Lawrence River, near Montreal’s south shore.

Environment Canada says a second waterspout formed around the same time about 70 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

No injuries or damage were reported in either incident.

Waterspouts are columns of vapour that form between a cloud and the earth. They are considered low-level tornadoes.

Environment Canada says it is extremely unusual for them to be see around the Montreal area.

Water Spout 2
Water Spout 3


July 6th, 2008

Y’know? I should have seen this coming.
You just can’t go ten years without seeing a dentist for a cleaning. Uh uh. No sirree. To not do so is just dumb, spelt with a capital D.
That’s where I come in.

Just didn’t think about it when I first moved to Toronto, and by the time I did, I couldn’t afford the expense. Sure, I could have gone to the Yorkville School of Dentistry, and paid $25, but I would have had to sit through three separate sessions of three hours each with students prodding around my mouth. Thank you, but no.

So when my parents offered to take me instead to their dentist out in Beaconsfield, QC this month, I leapt at the chance. Thank goodness I did too, otherwise I never would have know about the cavity until it hit the nerve, and it was that close.

So my record of 37 years of perfect teeth is now shoot, and I’m a bit wiser now.


This actually took place last Sunday, July the 6th.

Sue and Skip had their baby boy baptized in a pretty Catholic church over in Rigaud, QC. The name of the church escapes me at the moment, but I’ll correct that later. Hard to believe Benjamin is 3 month’s now

It was a short ceremony, about half an hour. Surprising for Catholics. They usually like the whole lengthy and inane ceremonies. It was given in only English too, another surprise out here in la Belle Province.

Apparently the priest no longer dips the whole baby into a bowl of holy water, instead tracing the cross across the forehead. I’m assuming that they got tired of being peed on during the child’s protest.