Wish I coud have seen them

Not one but two waterspouts spotted

Water Spout

Thu, 2008-07-24 08:45.
Kelly Lapare
funnel cloud

Thanks to CJAD listeners for sending us these photographs.  You can send us news pics anytime at:  news@cjad.com 


Two cyclone-shaped waterspouts formed off the island of Montreal
Wednesday, giving residents a rare look at a weather phenomenon more
common to the tropics.

The first was spotted early afternoon in the St. Lawrence River, near Montreal’s south shore.

Environment Canada says a second waterspout formed around the same time about 70 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

No injuries or damage were reported in either incident.

Waterspouts are columns of vapour that form between a cloud and the earth. They are considered low-level tornadoes.

Environment Canada says it is extremely unusual for them to be see around the Montreal area.

Water Spout 2
Water Spout 3


2 thoughts on “Wish I coud have seen them

  1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whoa, those are some scary looking waterspouts! We don\’t get that in L.A. just the occasional earthquake.

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