I’ve had to distance myself from one of the people involved in that incident I mentioned earlier. The one that upst me so.
It’s sad Crying really, when someone who I consider a valued friend asks me to choose sides or else. Why does there need to be an "or else"? Doesn’t a person have the right to not have to choose a side in something that is none of their business. Is there no longer room in this world for neutrality?
But my friend couldn’t see it that way. They were upset and angry, and who am I to take that away from them? That would invalidate them, and I simply can’t do that. But they just couldn’t seem to see that they were hurting me. I’m still very fragile when it comes to my mental health, but I am getting better, day by day. I just wish I could learn to back off emotionally when something like that occurs, but damnit, just because I choose not to take a side in a situation doesn not make my value as a friend any less, and I said as much.
So things got nasty.
How could someone say such things, and then try to play the innocence card, like they’re the ones being wronged? In this type of situation, there is no such thing as innocence. Just victims on both sides of the fence..
It’s not like the people living here don’t have problems in one way or another. If that weren’t the case we wouldn’t be living in subsidized housing. So what makes this person think that they’re better than me, and use my problems against me in their disagreement?
I don’t feel like I’m better than anyone. I’m just me. Warts and all, and believe you me, I have a lot of metaphorical warts.
So, to keep myself safe I have to do this. Until my friend gets the help they need to feel better about themselves. I just hope it doesn’t take them all that long. I miss them already.

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