Words may hurt, but actions speak louder

The war of nasty emails has been going on since yesterday. Another friend even tried to tell this person that all they were doing was setting themselves up for more pain through their actions, but….. It’s like an addiction for them. They just can’t stop trying to justify their behavior while decrying mine.

That is one angry, bitter, poison pill that they took sometime in their life.

I wish I knew an instant cure, to help them feel better about themselves, so that they could partake in all that’s joyous and wonderful about life and learn to laugh again.

Hiding in one’s bedroom all day, with the blinds closed, just isn’t healthy. I should know, I did the same for several years, and all it did was lead eventually to a drug problem that I’m still working oh so hard on recovering from on a day by day basis.

But, the fact that I am doing something about it, makes me ever so proud.


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