Re: Do animals matter to you? from the Green Party

Hello Christopher
Thank you for writing.  I have gone to the site and looked at the survey.
You have asked my personal views and first I wish to state that I think our
leader Elizabeth May answered the survey very well.  I believe that animals have
rights as sentient beings and need to be protected against cruelty.  I am not
vegetarian and eat meat and so I won’t claim to support movements against the
raising of animals for food.  I believe we need to strengthen laws and
regulations surrounding the treatment of farm animals designated for slaughter. 
I am willing to bring forward any amendments that my party desires to strengthen
our awareness of animals including education programs and I will certainly join
in an international effort to make these attitudes global ones.  I support a
move to local organic farming and return to ‘family’ farms.  I have associates
who came from Haiti and tell me that when they arrived they wanted to obtain
land for farming.  This isn’t allowed apparently.  I would like to make it
possible for new Canadians to create small family run farms that would allow
them to raise a variety of animals.  There is also a matter of slaughter houses
and the fact that local farmers are not allowed to slaughter their own stock.  I
would support working with the provinces to create a more decentralized system
utilizing smaller slaughter facilities and allowing local farmers to run
cooperative slaughter houses.  The Green Party is committed to strengthening
regulations and hiring the appropriate number of inspectors and enforcement as
needed to maximize the safety of the process.  When you here of the Green Party
talking about smaller government we are not talking about areas where safety and
inspection compliance is concerned.  I support a ban on owning pets for people
who demonstrate cruelty and who have been convicted.  I support counseling for
youth who commit acts of cruelty as this is a known behavioral warning
Thank you
Stephen LaFrenie
Green Party of

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 5:41 PM, <>

Mr Stephen LaFrenie
Green –

Dear Mr LaFrenie,

I recently visited and
was disappointed to learn that some parties have still not responded to the
survey on animal welfare developed by the World Society for the Protection of
Animals (WSPA).

As a resident in your riding and someone who cares deeply
about the welfare and treatment of animals, I would like to know what you will
do, if elected, to improve protection for animals?

I encourage you to
visit WSPA’s website to review the survey questions and the responses received
so far. I would like to know your personal position on these important national
animal welfare issues and hope you will encourage your party to respond to
WSPA’s survey – if they haven’t already done


Mr. Christopher King
250 Davenport Road,
Unit 2101 Toronto Ontario M5R 1J8


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