Found: One Bunny Rabbit

Corky discovered him/her early yesterday afternoon when we were strolling through the front park to the building. I didn’t know quite to what to think, other than "not my problem" after a few half-hearted attempts.

My sister Laura had a pet rabbit years ago, and my opinion towards it was that the nasty little savage was a prime candidate for the stewing pot. I’m gussing this history may have played somewhat on my indifference, but it didn’t last for too long, as three hours later and the poor creature was still out under the bushes.

With the help of another neighbour, I was able to make a grab for the frightened creature and have brought it upstairs where it can feel safe. It must be someone’s pet, as once it settled down, it was quite comfortable being handled and stroked. Also, it’s fur is clean and glossy.

My feeling is that perhaps while the fire department was evacuating all 150 residents from nearby homes in that fire yesterday, this little guy must have been left loose and unattended.

I’ll keep my eyes out for notices in the meanwhile.


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