Stop the Throttlers

Say NO to Corporate Control

Stop the Throttlers!

The Canadian Radio-television
Communications Commission (CRTC) is expected to soon issue a landmark
decision on whether Bell and other big telecoms can continue their
traffic-shaping practices that have been throttling consumers’ equal
access to the Internet.

Canadians need to make it clear to the CRTC that it must act in the public interest and ensure Net Neutrality.
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Talking Points

Communications giants Bell and Rogers are engaging in traffic-shaping
practises that effectively control Canadians’ access to the web.

Our only hope lies with the CRTC enforcing rules against
anti-competitive policies. The CRTC is currently examining corporate
control of the Internet through traffic-shaping practices.

Canadians can express their concerns in a message to CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein.

For more information:

Read Internet law expert Michael Geist’s
blog entry about the case before the CRTC, the outcome of which "will
provide a clear answer on whether Canadian law currently protects net
neutrality or if legislative reform is needed."


Dear Chairman:

(Edit Letter Below)

submit that the CRTC should order Bell to stop its Internet
traffic-shaping practices. We rely on the CRTC, as the federal
communications regulator, to act in the public interest, which in this
case means ensuring we have an open and neutral Internet.
Corporations like Bell and Rogers must not be allowed to control our
access to the Web or degrade the quality of service we pay to receive
from our internet service providers.
Please protect Canada’s level playing field for free speech and
innovation by ordering Bell to cease and desist its "throttling"

[Your name]
[Your address]

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