Capitalize on momentum to save our internet

U.S. President Obama just signed an economic stimulus bill dedicating
$7.2 billion to get fast, affordable, neutral Internet to the nearly
half of American homes that don’t have it! This is a huge opportunity
for us to press for similar actions in Canada, but it also highlights
that Canada is moving in the wrong direction.

The longer
Canada allows ISPs to throttle Internet traffic, the more we risk
becoming the backwater of online innovation and free speech as web
entrepreneurs increasingly migrate to the
U.S. where the open Internet is embraced by politicians.

the space of just over 10 days, nearly 3,500 of you have written the
CRTC demanding they put a stop to discriminatory Internet throttling by
big ISPs. This is an impressive number, but we need to get 1,000 more
if we are to sway the CRTC. We can do it!

We have just a few
days left until the CRTC’s submission DEADLINE on MONDAY, FEBRUARY
23rd. We are asking that you please take a moment to reach out to
friends and family before it’s too late. We have a great informative
video for you to use:

Action Items:

1. Send your comment if you haven’t already:

2. Watch and share this informative video:

3. Take a second to email 3 of your friends with our easy to
use form:

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