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Went and saw the new Star Trek movie at Colisee Kirkland with my mom. Still just as good the second time around.

Dad drove onto the island to pick up some machine that he is supposed to wear when going to bed at nights, to monitor his sleep Apnoea habits.

Returned my new Microsoft keyboard, since mom had arranged for a replacement with Microsoft Corp. directly. Seems that although Microsoft is not set up to replace a $2 space key, they will gladly send an $80 keyboard by mail instead to honour a 3 year warranty.

Nancy and Doug are driving up from Brighton this Thursday for a visit and to help my cousin Robyn move out of her apartment while she’s over in Africa this summer for an internship. She sub-leasing the space while she’s gone to a student over from Europe.


Best Movies of 1971


Bananas (1971), 82 minutes,
D: Woody Allen

Carnal Knowledge (1971), 97 minutes, D: Mike Nichols

A Clockwork Orange (1971, UK),
137 minutes, D: Stanley Kubrick

Dirty Harry (1971), 103
minutes, D: Don Siegel

Duel (1971), 90 minutes, D: Steven Spielberg

Fiddler on the Roof (1971), 180 minutes, D: Norman

The French Connection (1971),
104 minutes, D: William Friedkin

Get Carter (1971, UK), 111 minutes, D: Mike Hodges

Harold and Maude (1971), 90 minutes, D: Hal Ashby

The Hospital (1971), 103 minutes, D: Arthur Hiller

Klute (1971), 114 minutes, D: Alan J. Pakula

The Last Picture Show (1971),
118 minutes, D: Peter Bogdanovich

Macbeth (1971), 140 minutes, D: Roman Polanski

McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), 120 minutes, D: Robert

Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), 183 minutes, D: Franklin

Play Misty For Me (1971),
102 minutes, D: Clint Eastwood

Straw Dogs (1971), 118 minutes, D: Sam Peckinpah

Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1971, UK), 110 minutes, D: John


Spent pretty much all day yesterday outside, which is a good thing since I don’t spend all that much time outdoors these days.

We were planting a new juniper tree, in the hopes that it will in one of the almost always shady corners on Mom and Dad’s property.


If I told you I slept more than 5 minutes solid at any given point last night, I’d by lying through my exhausted teeth. Sleepy

I don’t know what caused it, other than I kept startling myself awake to the sounds of my own moans, from dreams that had no terror involved whatsoever.

So if you read in the near future about my chewing the face off of some overly happy person, let me add that it wasn’t like I didn’t issue a warning beforehand.

For Sale/Sold

My mother’s brother Rick and his wife Jan moved out to Calgary, AB about 20 years ago when CP Rails moved it’s headquarters out of Quebec, like many other corporations of the time who refused to get swept up in the Separation Movement.

 I haven’t seen them much at all since then, with a couple of exceptions, such as when Grand-Dad passed away, and Laura’s wedding four years ago.

Anyways, Uncle Rick has now retired and they sold their house back Easter Weekend, and it looks like they’ve managed to find a house they like up in the Newmarket/Barrie area.

Wish I could be more precise, but I promise to update y’all when I get that information.