In case I haven’t updated that part, Nana fell in her room at the Montreal Association for the Blind on Thursday afternoon and broke her ankle. She wound up having to lie on the floor until 23h30, because all ambulances were out on more pressing calls until then. Auntie Belle, who’s 87 kept vigil and went with her when the ambulance arrived to take her to the Jewish General. There was some talk about perhaps having to put a pin in her ankle, but that no longer seems to be the case.

My sister Laura arrived here in Saint Lazare, accompanied by her
beloved Shelty, Colby. She left her place in the Beach first thing
yesterday morning and drove all the way from Toronto to help me with
the Nana situation, as Aunty Penny and Uncle Jack were not certain if they would be able to make the trip up from Milford, MA for health reason.

I am so grateful to her right now.


The end of the Gilman Residence

Forgot to mention that the boom dropped last week. The Montreal Association for the Blind will be closing the Gilman Residence, where Nana currently lives, by March 2010.

The reasons cited is that the MAB can not meet the continuing requirements that their aging population needs, and therefore will transfer them to institutions that can do so.

Falling Down


Not a good day for family health.

Uncle Jack, who suffers from MS, fell in the parking lot when leaving the doctor’s office this afternoon. Broke his cane and was banged up some, but thankfully nothing was broken and he was released from the hospital. However, he was not given the green light to drive, so Aunty Penny had to go back with a friend and retrieve his car, after bringing him home from the hospital.

To make matters just a bit more tragic, Nana fell as she was trying to get back into her chair after a trip to the bathroom (exactly why she was moved into a smaller room, in order to attempt to minimize these sort of accidents).

The Montreal Association for the Blind called me with the news. They don’t know if she’s broken her ankle, or if it’s just twisted, but they were waiting for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

Wish I could go and keep her company, but I have no money at the moment, and the VISA card Dad loaned me to cover gas hasn’t gone through since he and mom left on their vacation.

The Final Update: Baltic Sea (return)

Hi there!  Well, it’s hard to believe that we will be disembarking tomowwor
morning at 7:45 a.m.  We have had a great time and the last three days have been
up in the 70’s and sunny.  We will be flying home Saturday so will see you soon
and take back the responsibility of thee dogs.  I can almost hear you breathe an
audible sigh of relief.  This trip wouldn’t have been possible if we had to have
boarded the dogs.  ( you know we would never do that to Chelsie and Sox.)  Give
Corky a hug for us and see you soon.
Lots of Love, Mom and Dad

Belated Update: Saint Petersburg & Tallinn

Hi honey,  we are exhausted after our two days in St., Petersburg and then on to
Tallinn but we have recovered after a short nap (2 1/2 Hrs.).  We are now
getting ready for supper and then tomorrow we have an at sea day so we can
finally just down and relax at the jacuzzi and pool.  Hope It  doesn’t
Okay, that’s it for now.  Have  taken nots of pictures and even tried a
photo-stitch of a military cruiser that was docked beside us this morning.  Have
something else to learn.  Hope everything is going well at home.  Love

Take care, Mom

Good-bye Tilly

Pamela‘s mother Tilly passed away earlier this morning in her sleep, at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in North York, Toronto.

Despite her last failing kidney, as well as bronchial pneumonia, this feisty little woman who reminded me so much at times of Noreen put up a good fight, often making an amazing recovery long after everyone else had given up hope.

Still, it was only a matter of time, and now it has run out. I’m just glad that she’s no longer in pain.

Now all those that loved her dearly must grieve, and come to terms in their own fashion with their loss.

I will be one of them.

An update: Helsinki

Hi honey,  We had a great day today. visited helsinki and went to some ancient
fort.  It turned out it was closed due to a national holiday.  Oh, well. 
Yesterday, we were in Stockholm, Sweden,  It was gorgeous.
Just to let
you know that we will be docking tomorrow morning at St. Peterburg, Russia and
will be there until Sunday, late afternoon.  Hope the weather is good because it
poured all morning today. 
Have you received my e-mails.  Hope so. 
anyway, i am not staying on any longer,  my minutes get eaten too

Love ya, Mom