How sweet it is to be loved by you

Just smelled Corky’s breath again this morning, and I’m positively flabbergasted at how sweet it is. Looks like the $450 my parents spent on cleaning his teeth (May the Gods bless them forever for their infinite kindness) and the removal of 7 bad ones really helped.

Now I just have to try and help Corky keep them that way.


New Microsoft keyboard arrived late last week in the mail. Not the wireless one that was under warranty though. For some reason Microsoft sent the very one I had just returned to Bureau en Gros/Staples; the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000.


Nancy and Doug got my cousin Robyn moved out of her room near McGill University where Robyn is getting her Masters degree this past weekend. I don’t know when Robyn will be leaving for Zambia to do her internship, but Nan & Doug will be back in a little over a week to leave with my Mom and Dad for the BIG VACATION CRUISE.

Mom’s Birthday is this week, on the 5th of June and my parent’s 40th Anniversary is on the 7th.


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