An update: Baltic sea

Hi honey,  I finally broke down and bought an internet package.  It’s $40 for 95
minutes only.   Any way, we got underway on Sunday.  It got really rough during
the night but your Dad and I were fine.  Unfortuntely, Nancy was sick the next
morning, but after a  back to bed nap of 4 hours, she recuperated and has been
fine since.  The weather yesterday was sunny but the wind was cold. 
Nevertheless, we found our way to the pool and jacuzzi.  Your Dad and I just sat
on the lounges and took life real easy.  Our legs were kind of tired from all
the walking we had done in Amsterdam.  The Meals are unbelievable.  Hope I don’t
gain took much weight.  Also, somehow, we managed to sleep in ’til 12:00 p.m.  I
guess we needed the extra sleep.
 Today, even though we had set the wake
up call, it didn’t work but we were up at 9:30.  Had breakfast and then browsed
the ship finding out where things were.  Then, off to our room to get our
bathing suits and up to the pool.  It is seawater and freezing (not heated).  We
all went into the jacuzzi and it helps my hips and legs – no bath in our cabin. 

There is a theater room onboard, and every night there are shows. 
These are very well done.
Tonight, before supper, there is a special
performance, supper in the dining room, then a rock and roll dance.  The sun
doesn’t set until about 10:15 and it’s not dark until about 11:00.  Different. 
Doesn’t matter in the cabin though because we have an inside
Tomorrow we land in Stockholm and will be running more rubber off
of our shoes.  Wish us luck.  Got to go now, I am supposed to meet everyone in
15 minutes and I keep getting lost on the ship, turning right when I am supposed
to be going left and finding myself on the wrong deck.

Take care,

P.S.  Know you are taking care of the dogs just fine.  Hope
and Corky aren’t crowding you too badly!


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