Falling Down


Not a good day for family health.

Uncle Jack, who suffers from MS, fell in the parking lot when leaving the doctor’s office this afternoon. Broke his cane and was banged up some, but thankfully nothing was broken and he was released from the hospital. However, he was not given the green light to drive, so Aunty Penny had to go back with a friend and retrieve his car, after bringing him home from the hospital.

To make matters just a bit more tragic, Nana fell as she was trying to get back into her chair after a trip to the bathroom (exactly why she was moved into a smaller room, in order to attempt to minimize these sort of accidents).

The Montreal Association for the Blind called me with the news. They don’t know if she’s broken her ankle, or if it’s just twisted, but they were waiting for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

Wish I could go and keep her company, but I have no money at the moment, and the VISA card Dad loaned me to cover gas hasn’t gone through since he and mom left on their vacation.


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