Back in the Dot (One week later)

Well, I’ve been back a week now in Toronto, and have almost put my apartment back in order.

Princess Poopsalot is very pleased that she has company on a full time basis once again, and is cheerfully demonstrating such, to Corky’s chagrin. He still doesn’t trust her anywhere near his balls.

Nana is still at the Jewish General. She had surgery on Canada’s Day, and two pins were inserted into her ankle to help support it. She’s now on the fast track to me moved out of the Montreal Association for the Blind. I’m not clear if she’s to be moved to a new nursing home, or if she will spend some time at a convalescence centre first. In either case, that puts an end to the MAB chapter of her life.

Drew helped me install Windows 7 RC into my computer, which I then had to reinstall as it wasn’t the most recent version and would have expired as of the first of July. I’m happy with the new OS, and it is a definite improvement over Vista.

Guess that’s about it for now, unless I think of something else.


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