Nothing exciting

Week two since I returned to Toronto.

Almost, yes ALMOST have my apartment cleaned the way I like it. I can’t believe that a bachelor would take this long.

Nana’s still at the Jewish General, awaiting the next move by the social worker and the Montreal Association for the Blind. She won’t be going back there is all we know right now. In the meanwhile however, she’s been moved to a room closer to the Nurse’s Station. Dad and or Mom have been making trips onto the island daily to pay her a visit.

The renovations to the balconies here at my building which were to have started this past Tuesday are on hold. I’m wondering if that’s indirectly related to the current strike by City of Toronto employees.

Brent’s wedding in August is fast approaching. I sent my RSVP last week in the post, although I think Mom had already notified Nancy that I would be attending solo.

I have learned who previously owned my rabbit, Princess Poopsalot. Seems she escaped from another tenant on the 21st floor and jumped off the balcony. The fact that she survived the fall is simply incredible, but I figured she must have tumbled into the hedges and had her fall cushioned, which only proves that there must be luck in a rabbit’s foot after all.


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