Former Child Star Chairry Found Abandoned in Brooklyn Alleyway


At the height of her career, Chairry was a star. She was a friend to Pee Wee, a confident to Cowby Curtis, and a lover to Jombi.
On many occasions The King of Cartoons fell drunk into her tender embrace, but she was so much more than a place to sit. No one had more passion for the Word Of The Day than Chairry.
No one hollered mekka lekka hi, mekka hienie ho with more fervour.
Chairry’s story is yet another reminder of the meat grinder that is the children’s entertainment industry. One day they’re making plaster molds of your face for Arbie’s cups, the next you’re snorting meth with Bob Sagat behind a Santa Monica Waffle House.
What set her off on this collision course with the underworld? Was it the wrongful ostracizing of her dearest friend Paul Reubens? Or was this was Chairry’s destiny?
As she always said "it’s better to burn out than to Faye Dunaway."


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