Aussie Humour

A Northern  Territories (Oz) farm hand, radios back to  the farm manager.
‘Boss, I got one  helluva problem here… I hit a ruddy pig with the truck.  The pig seems OK, but he’s stuck in the roo-bars on the  front and is wriggling and squealing so blady much, I can’t  get ‘im out.
The manager says,’Ok, there’s a ….303 rifle behind the seat in the rack, take it, shoot the pig and  you’ll be able to remove it.’
Five minutes later the farm  hand calls back, ‘I did what you said Boss. Took the gun, shot the pig in  the head and removed him from the bull-bars. No problem there, but I still  can’t go on’.
‘So what’s the f**king problem  now mate?’ raged the Manager. ‘
Well boss, it’s his  motor-bike….it’s stuck under the wheel arch and the bloody blue light  wont stop flashing..’……………hello- you still there  Boss?


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