Talking about 680News – Breaking News Headlines: Actor Corey Haim found dead at age 38



Corey Haim Found Dead at age 38
Entertainment 10 Mar, 2010 0 0 Actor Corey Haim found dead at age 38LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Actor Corey Haim, 38, has been found dead in Los Angeles, Calif., Wednesday.The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the North York-born actor’s death, but there are reports the ’80s teen star died of an accidental overdose.Haim was found unresponsive at his Oakwood apartment.


Sad to read this today, but I think it’s been a long time in coming. Corey Haim has had problems with drugs most of his Hollywood career, and he put so much pressure on himself with his belief that his return to success was one script away. I thought there was a chance of a possible comeback, when A&E did that series, the Two Coreys, but I guess that never happened.

He was one of the heartthrobs in the 80’s that I think I secretly lusted for, without actually acknowledging that was what I was doing. Well, actually I think I entertained the idea of a threesome with him and Corey Feldman, but I digress. Oh, and just so that you also know why I may actually care a little bit more about this actor as opposed to some of the others who have passed on… I went to school with him in grade 7



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