Home from the Harbour Light

Just so that you folks are kept in the know, I’m away at the moment from the Salvation Army’s Harbour Light Centre and back home at my apartment. There were some “complications” and I left, but I’m currently waiting for a phone call sometime after January 5th 2011 to see when I can return and finish up the Relapse Prevention Therapy part of the addictions program.

I’ll keep y’all posted when I know more.

Oh, and in case I don’t speak to you prior, Have a Happy New Year!!!

Faith & Hope

Acts 4:11 “The stone that you builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.”

The son of a former multi-millionaire now in jail for crimes relating to a massive Ponzi scam committed suicide recently. He had lost faith in his father, capitalism, justice and the love of his wife and child.

This happens far too often in society. We place fare too much importance on man made concepts, whether it be marriage, the stock market or governments. But marriages do dissolve in divorce, stock markets crash and governments can change with a single ballot.

As addicts, by the time we reach out for help and admit that we are powerless over drugs and that our lives are unmanageable, we have pretty much lost everything that can possibly matter. Family, friends, money, homes, health and self-respect.

So we come in from the cold, get some warm food in our stomachs, a real bed to finally sleep on, and all of  sudden we’re told that if we want to get become, and I mean really and truly better, we are going to have to surrender and give ourselves over to a a loving and caring God as we know him, and we FREAK!!!

Some addicts upon hearing this revelation, take off into the night and return to their old habits and old ways of thinking. The idea of turning themselves over to this concept of God to save them scares them far more than dying on the streets some day alone.

Other addicts are left scratching their heads, unwilling or unable to overcome preconceived notions regarding the possibility of an Almighty Being existing or not, and what in fact this might mean to them personally. These addicts, thinking they’ve recovered, will eventually leave their sanctuaries and return to the real world, armed to the teeth with all sorts of tools and manuals that will purportedly help them in staying sober. Of these good people sadly most will fail as well.

The last group of addicts will take a good look at themselves and ask “What have we got to lose by surrendering and giving ourselves over to this Higher Power?” Nothing actually. Despite some reservations they are now moving along the true path to becoming better. To being truly a part of society instead of just barely surviving on the fringes.

Only through surrender and allowing themselves to be spiritually rewrote, will addicts, no matter what type, be able to restore some sanity to their lives. By believing in a loving and caring God, a Higher Power, or for that Brighter Tomorrow, these people now have a more solid and substantial foundation to build their new lives on which will carry them forward, come what may.

Faith and hope. Age old concepts and yet still holding true today. As long anybody, addicts or otherwise, hold to that belief, that belief that no matter what, God loves them, then we as individuals can overcome any obstacle.

A son of a former multi-millionaire currently in jail on charges related to yet another Ponzi scheme committed suicide the other day. His faith in his father, capitalism, justice and his wife and child weren’t strong enough to help get over his despair. Perhaps if he had remembered that God was there to help if he but asked, this tragedy could have had a different ending.