Week of April 4-10

Thanks to your friendly reminder, I’m posting this now to let all interested parties know what’s been going on in my life this past week.

Still going to meetings on a daily basis, whether they be Aftercare, For Life or A.A.

I did skip out on my For Life group this week however. I was just tired and not in the mood after completing a number of chores that morning.

Had one unfriendly encounter with someone asking for change the past weekend, but after some reflection came to the understanding that the situation could have been handled much better had I treated the man as a person, with all the respect that entails, rather than as just a crack head asking for money for his next fix. I had hoped that I would be able to apologize to him, had I seen him around my building again, but have been unable to carry out my intentions as of yet. Still, it’s something to learn from and I hope that another, similar situation crop up, so that I can meet it in a more fitting manner.

Doctor Casola had good news/bad news for me on Friday, regarding my Section 8 application to the Ministry of Health regarding my financial coverage for Strattera.

Good news was that they had approved the medications for another patient of the doctor. Bad news was that it wasn’t mine. They did however request further information regarding my application, so that means it hasn’t been rejected. Dr. Casola did tell me though that should my request be rejected, he would NOT prescribe me any other medications to curb my ADHD, as all others are stimulant based. Some old behaviours did flair up at this moment, and I told him although I accepted his personal reasons, I would however go seek some form of ADHD treatment from another doctor should that be the case, and then ranted on about the drug companies for a couple more minutes. I did rally though, and reminded myself that the application was still moving forward, and had not been rejected yet, so why was I getting all negative.? Glass half full thinking instead of half empty. Dr. Casola also felt that writing a personal letter to the department overseeing my quest couldn’t hurt any, so I drafted one up this past Friday to be submitted along with the Ministry’s request for further information on my case.

Got my application for volunteering at the Toronto Harbour Light Ministries from Ann, and I’ll get it filled out for this coming week.

Speaking of service, I was up to my elbows in dish water last night at a Gratitude Dinner for 87 guests at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church on Bloor Street. Very tiring and also very stimulating at the same time. I was pleased to have overcome any anxiety that had been burning at the back of my mind.

There. That’s about all the details I can summon up at this moment. Hope all is well with you and God Bless.

Christopher King
Live. Learn. Laugh.