Going Too Far

Toronto Community Housing (TCH) has spent more than $18,000 on private investigators in the past two years — and at least some of those tax dollars went towards surveillance of its own employees.

I’ve spent years watching TCHC trying to overcompensate after issues have been brought to the attention of the public eye, and just making a bigger mess out of it.
This surveillance is a perfect example of a corporation still stinging from the results of several investigations into improper spending practices and billing by employees.Rather than put approved practices used by other businesses into place to prevent these issues from happening again, TCHC overreacts and instead uses costly private investigators, and for what exactly?
Now they have to sit there, spending more precious money on lawyers, having to justify the use of these wasteful measures on what ultimately looks to be some minor misdemeanors by some veteran employees.
It would be so nice to see some common sense used by this bloated City of Toronto owned corporation beforehand, rather than after the fact.

Bison-Taunting Man at Yellowstone Is Arrested, Park Officials Say – The New York Times

It’s these types of reckless idiots who are some of the biggest threats to the #environment.

#Government at all levels should ban every directly related family member of this twit from State and National parks for the next three generations, in the hopes that what I like to refer is the Selfishly-Stupid gene gets weeded out.