Drew got caught up with this months rent, just like Tara insisted he would, although he’s still lagging on grocery money Money
His cell phone Mobile Phone now has had it’s service turned off. Comes from being unable to cover his part of the collective bill shared amongst eight family members <ouch>. So in this, he’s not entirely to blame. Even if he had come up with his part, it still would have been shut down by Bell Mobility.
Bottom line is that I’m not overly concerned with Drew being unable to pay the rent. it’s not that at all. It’s that he’s been working since January and not being paid. He admits that this IS partially his fault, by insisting to Bossman that it’s okay when he proffers his apologies and excuses.
It is however, an issue, and that I still feel should not be protracted for much longer.
Would you work 60-80 hours a week without pay? Especially when Bossman is able to go on a business trip Airplane to Vancouver for future investment options, as well as going to Montreal for a weekend to play on stage with some band cronies Note?