Sci-Fi Short Film “Connected” DUST presents USC Student Film Week – YouTube

“Connected” by Christopher Satola. In a near future where world humanity has been deprived of closeness of each other through technological communication advancements, a small boy, Timmy full of curiosity goes on a journey to learn the value of interpersonal communication, human emotions and expressing them through discovering the underground art of theater.

Although the message is not new, I truly enjoyed this short film by Christopher Satola on Dust.

I hope young Ethan Suess continues to be involved in other film projects. He demonstrated a clear understanding of his character’s growing dismay with the lack of genuine empathy and connection he had with both his family and his surrounding world, and just how invasive technology was becoming to what little control he had left over his character’s privacy.


See where you grew up!


This is a great site.
It resurrects so many memories.

Have fun.

This program will show you where you grew up.
Choose your country & enter the address and watch.
This is really amazing….Check out some of your old” haunts."
When you enter an address you will see a picture of that place.
There’s a little map with a little man on it – you can move the little manup and down the block if you need to. I just looked at my childhood home!
Really nice website!