Doug Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause reduces democracy to majority rule: Opinion | CBC News

Central to most defences of judicial review is a recognition that important individual and minority rights are often lost sight of, and sometimes even deliberately overridden, in majoritarian politics. We hope that governments will respect basic rights, but we recognize that they sometimes fail to do so.

Source: Doug Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause reduces democracy to majority rule: Opinion | CBC News

Yes, it was pretty much a certainty he was going to use the Not Withstanding Clause. Populist move to give his base a boost.

I would have said that it will blow up in his face come the next provincial election, but he’s essentially gerrymandered the vote by ensuring that Toronto doesn’t have the same representation per capita as the rest of Ontario.

Even more disappointing was our Prime Minister and the Federal Government not stepping in to support Toronto.

Dark days ahead. Genuine democracy by the people for the people of Ontario, and perhaps Canada in the near future, took a serious blow.


Science is Reducing Plastic Pollution in our Food Chain. Here’s How.

The Earth needs all of our help to stay clean! Here’s one way we can all make a difference, and two ways science is reducing plastic pollution.

Source: Science is Reducing Plastic Pollution in our Food Chain. Here’s How.

Absolutely bowled over when the host said that almost 91% of all plastics are not recycled. What a horribly travesty

If first world governments at all levels​ were genuinely interested in saving taxpayers money, they could start with reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills by passing a law eliminating one-use plastic accessories.

Following that, impose a mandatory deposit on all remaining glass and plastic to encourage folks to stop throwing recyclables out because it’s more convenient, and if certain members of the right, center or left are concerned with the underground economy that would upsurge as a result of folks who root through trash and blue bins pulling out discarded glass and plastics and returning them for the money, make the return deposits taxable to stop the whiners calling it “free money”.

Of course, government would have to make certain that there is a task force capable of imposing an equally hefty penalty for those who refuse to comply with the necessity of removing plastics from the waste stream.

Finally, as an added bonus the recycling industry would finally become stable and commercially viable which translates into job creation, a boost to the economy and tax revenue at all levels.

Strong local democracy is worth fighting for | The Star


“It’s true there is no political theatre quite like a city council meeting but it’s also true that this is the level of government closest to our everyday lives.” ~

Source: Strong local democracy is worth fighting for | The Star

What a great opinion piece highlighting the benefits of effective civic governance.

As someone who was elected to speak on behalf my @TOHousing building, encompassing 455 units and 600+ residents, I can attest to just how important it is to have proper representation at any level of governance. Without effective advocacy, the system falls apart.

Cutting the number of Toronto Councillors in half flies in the face of true democracy, and Doug Ford and the PC party of Ontario should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pretend it’s not.