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While I do like my iMac, generously donated to me by wonderful friend Kathleen Kenny​, I have to admit that I have found the selection of apps in the #MacOS #AppStore very limited, with many MUST-HAVEs missing or the best alternatives somewhat, well…. “pricey” would be generous. I would rather use the term “HIGHWAY ROBBERY” to describe my horror as I scrolled through the selections.

So being the Google​ Search freak that I am, I went looking for alternatives outside the App Store and came across this YouTube​ video posted by a gent using the pseudonym Smart Solutions, who lauded the free Fluid app, which lets you create your own apps for your favourite websites. Even better, the video showed just how easy it was to use.

FYI, there is a Premium version of the Fluid app, but all it does is open any app you’ve created to full-size instead of you having to do it yourself.

Best 10 Mac Apps 2018 – Erick Edword – Medium


“Amphetamine, Hyperdock, Parallels Desktop 12, Duet, Atom, Logic Pro X, Wunderlist, Evernote, GIMP, iTools are among best 10 Mac Apps 2018.”

Source: Best 10 Mac Apps 2018 – Erick Edword – Medium

Hi Erick, thanks for the article. I just recently got my hands on an iMac when my friend bought themselves a more recent model, and I’ve been pouring through webpages trying to find the best apps to make my life easier.

I do have one observation however, regarding your recommendation of Christian Baumgart’s “Hyperdockapp.


It seems that there have been absolutely no updates to the app since January 2017, and the Developer is no longer paying any heed to Support Request emails from Hyperdock users who have been running into considerable trouble since the Mac OS X update to High Sierra. Additionally, there have been no posts on Hyperdock’s Facebook page since 2012 or the Hyperdock twitter account since 2015

I would therefore recommend dropping your recommendation for Hyperdock, in order to prevent people from potentially wasting their money on what is likely an abandoned app.