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Wearing my pink shirt proudly 🙂




Excuse me, Bahrain?

Apparently, Michael Jackson, or Jacko, as the media now regretfully refers to him, was recently summoned for jury duty, just 4 month after his legal battles on child molestation charges were finished. His lawyers informed the media that chances are good that Michael would defer, as he now lives in Bahrain.

I had to look this place up on to find out where it was, and I now understand why he would he move to such a far off location. There is NO WAY that Michael would be able to live his life as he chooses and be able to continue having fun with children in the U.S. without someone bring yet more “false charges” against him.

So he’s packed up the shambles of what’s left of his life and moved to a land far away, where hopefully he can have some peace.

It’s also interesting to note however that Bahrain does NOT have an extradition policy with the States

Goodnight George R.I.P.

Canadian businessman and pioneering gay activist dies

George Hislop

Saturday October, 2005. According to close friends, George Hislop died today, at approximately 6pm. George was in Grace a palliative care hospital, suffering from cancer.

Hislop, born in 1927 was a Canadian businessman and pioneering gay activist; co-founder and president of the Community Homophile Association of Toronto (CHAT), one of the major lesbian and gay organizations in Canada during the Seventies; an organizer of the first gay rights demonstration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on August 28, 1971; co-founder of the Toronto Lambda Business Council; in running for alderman in the City of Toronto election in 1980, he became the first openly gay person to run for public office in Canada. In early August this year Canadian Feds offered Hislop some pension money after a class action suit.

Good night George. Your memory will shine on.

TPS Captures Murdered Bar Owners’ Lover

janko naglicMendez-RomeroThe Barn-Stables

Congratulations should go out to the Toronto Police Services for bringing in a suspect for the murder of popular gay bar owner Janko Naglic, who was murdered almost a year ago under very strange circumstances. Some of the rumours regarding his demise were about a coke habit that had got out of hand, retribution by city police for squealing on them for racketeering, and various other sundry ones that should not be repeated, as they were so insulting to Janko’s memory.

Police arrested on Friday, the 26th his lover Ivan Mendez-Romero, who owned the really kewl purple 3 wheeler motorcycle and worked at Janko’s bar, the Barn

Although I listed him personally as one of my potential suspects, he had disappeared many months ago, and I thought police had ruled him out as a suspect. Imagine my surprise when news came of his arrest not only in the city of Toronto, which he never left, but also that he had married again (3rd  time now) now to a woman back in the spring of this year apparently with Janko’s blessing (although the bride was not made aware of their relationship)

Glad someone was on top of this. No one’s death/murder should go unpunished.

It’s a real shame that the Barn’s story ended this way. Apparently in the 80’s-early 90’s this was a real swinging place, before political correctness, zero tolerance and some asshole bouncers were hired.

Now, the Barn’s up for sale, perhaps soon to be another victim of all the condominiums moving into our area. I hope this doesn’t pass. The Barn was open for 29 years, making it the longest running gay bar in our city. To let it die like that, would be shameful.

Almost as shameful as the murder of Jonka by a man who was his lover for 12 years, who’s motive, aside from being an allegedly spoiled little closet case, is still unknown.


Jury Acquits Lover of the Death of Janko Naglic

March 05, 2008

After just four hours of deliberation a jury acquitted Ivan Mendez-Romero of the 2004 death of his long-time lover Janko Naglic.