Haven’t wrote here recently, although I’ve added a few other things. Mostly books and movie’s though.

So, to bring y’all up to date on the sordid details of my life, I’ll have to refer back to my previous entry, called “Voices”. They seem to have stopped for now. I think they may have been the result of over exhaustion and traces of crack psychosis left over from a few days earlier. I need to make certain in the future that if I’m going to have a slip every now and then, to make certain that I keep to a stricter sleep pattern, as well as taking my vitamins.

My sister Laura and her husband Jon took me with them to the Ontario Science Center to go see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit (http://www.koerperwelten.de/en/pages/home.asp).  Through a process called “Plasticisation” and long and tedious hours of work, scientists are now able to retain the biological matter that would normally decompose and be lost after death. This means you can now see all the organs, nerves, muscles, etc….What a fascinating, sick and yet respectful way t show us the magic that makes up the human body, as well as some other creatures, the most impressive being this camel and it’s foal (couldn’t find a pic of it, sorry.)

I finished my 2 years of probation at the Riverdale Probation Office on the 24th of February finally, although I still will be going for another year on an unofficial basis. Hazel Galatti, my probation officer, has offered he services as a counsellor to try and help me get past some of my other issues.

Been hanging around a lot with my friend Pamela almost daily. What a wonderful woman. Her beloved companion Bailey celebrated her 9th birthday on the 25th.

Renee, another friend that I have made around the building, has been busy with a few of art and crafts sales over at CAMH’s College Street facility.

My 2nd cousin Emma celebrated her 1st birthday on Valentine’s Day, and apparently her mother Debbie and husband Matt are expecting another addition to their family sometime this fall, as is my cousin Michael and his wife Beth.

I’m going to be starting to paint my apartment soon. This is a big step for me, as I’ve never really felt comfortable enough in any of my other places to really want to do so. Guess this means I’ve decided to settle down here for a while. When the project is completed, I’ll try to convince my mother to bring her digital camera so I can post some photos.

That’s all I can think of for now. Take care until the next time.