From Fun to F@*% This: When Video Games and Happiness Don’t Collide

Video games at their core are supposed to be entertainment. For many of us, they’re a stress relief of sorts or an escape. But what about when video games and happiness no longer intersect? As Elsa says, it’s time to let it go.

Source: From Fun to F@*% This: When Video Games and Happiness Don’t Collide

Thank you for the post. Although I definitely am not a trophy seeker, I too have experienced rage/quit moments when I’ve get to a point in a game where I get stuck and no matter what I do, or how it’s explained on How To YouTube videos, I just can’t overcome the challenge.

When I was kid, this was the point where I threw a tantrum or drove my Colecovision controller straight into the game console, destroying them both. Obviously that never helped matters.

Thankfully, I’ve grown up at least a little over the years, and now when I reach that point where the game is no longer fun (ex. Tom Clancy’s the Division), I shelve it for a while and work on another one. If I’m able to go back to the game because it’s added either new content or my attitude has changed then great, but if it’s started gathering dust after several months I just sell it and leave it at that.