Olivia Chow

What a wonderful day today was. Spring is definitely back, and I for one welcome it back with open arms.

Decided to get out and be political since today my local federal MP, Olivia Chow www.oliviachow.ca (NDP) opened her new Trinity/Spadina office down at 144 Augusta Avenue, just north of Dundas in Kensington Market http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensington_Market.

It was interesting. Lots of good food, a dragon ceremony to christen the new office, a chance to meet Ms. Chow, her husband Jack Layton, leader of the Federal NDP party http://www.ndp.ca/jack/ , and the deputy mayor of Toronto. I had the opportunity to listen to what her goals were for the next four years, should she actually have the chance and another snap election isn’t called by some party having a snit because they’re not getting their way.

Regretfully, some of the stuff Ms. Chow will be working on will have nothing to do with what’s dear to me. Sure, abolishing child poverty www.buildchildcare.ca and the head tax on Chinese immigrants are important, as is the revitalization of the waterfront of Toronto, but what happened to the NDP’s stand on subsidized housing for example?

The Liberals and the NDP worked out an agreement to improve public housing on a national basis, which regretfully died on the table, but there is no mention any longer of them picking up where they left off and trying to work out some deal with the Conservative government.

A shame really. But what should I have expected of someone who basically sat on the board of the TCHC and did nothing while she was a city councillor, except collect her paycheque? Sure that may seem harsh, but there’s still something wrong with an MP who ignores one section of her constituency, while catering to others, such as the Chinese and Portuguese. We are all equally important.

I hope eventually she remembers us, and not just because there’s another election coming up. In the meanwhile, I’m going to continue dropping by her office to make certain that she does.