Happy Thanksgiving Canada


Thanksgiving Canada 2010 - 2010 Canadian Thanks Giving

Observed by: Canada, United States

Type: National

Date: 2nd Monday in October (Canada), 4th Thursday in November (U.S.)

2009 date: October 12, 2009 (Canada); November 26, 2009 (U.S.)

2010 date: October 11, 2010 (Canada); November 25, 2010 (U.S.)

Celebrations: Spending Time with Family, feasting, religious practice

Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been celebrated since 1957, on the second Monday of October. It is a chance to give thanks for good harvest and other fortunes in the past year for the people. People have a day off work on this day, though perhaps religious in origin, Thanksgiving is identified as a secular holiday now. Many stores and other organizations and businesses are also closed on this day.

Friday the 13th

Normally, every Friday the 13th during the year, all the members of the Bikers have a clan gathering somewhere in Ontario.
What with all the major bust and media attention received in the past week with O.P.P and other police forces doing a major clean up on illegal activities by the Hells Angels, perhaps prompted by the Banditos massacre earlier this year, I somehow suspect that this gathering will be a bit of a sombre one.
Most bikers I have met in the past are fun, interesting people who actually have real lives beyond the leather and the cloying smell of way too much beer. It’s the few bad apples who wind up giving an otherwise interesting organization which provides an outlet to many sorts of people a bad name. That’s just too bad when you think about it.
Anyhow, back to me. That was just an aside that occurred to me as I was casting about for a title for this entry.
To review this week, there was Thanksgiving of course on Monday. There’s also other holiday celebrated simultaneously down in the States called Columbus Day.
I’m just not quite certain why Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Bahamas in 1492 is an American holiday. If you look at a map, you can see it’s well beyond the 12 mile limit. 75 km in fact, and the Bahamas are their own country. So what gives?
If you go by the definitions of the true blue bloods, the States should be celebrating Mayflower Day instead, or Juan Ponce de Leon day, in fact, just about anyone who actually contributed to European colonization. Not someone who missed their mark entirely. Strike Columbus day from the calendar.
Once again, back to me. There’s just so many interesting things happening all the time and it’s really hard to stay focused on just one.
Thanksgiving was fine. My parents stayed home in Montreal this year, what with Nana still recovering from her surgery earlier that week. Aunt Penny and Uncle Jack drove up from Milford Massachusetts to take off some of the strain of having to keep my nana company daily, even if only for a few hours.
When I called Wednesday though, I was told that Nana had been released to go home to M.A.B. I’m pretty sure she was quite happy to return to her friends and comforts.
Noreen‘s the one who told me that Nana had been released. I called to check in on her, figuring that she must be pretty lonely with everyone focused on Nana, but Noreen’s doing ok. She had a mini-stroke over the weekend. Apparently these have been happening for years, long before my grandfather Eric passed away. Noreen says they’re not too serious, mostly just upset her equilibrium and things seems out of place when she wakes up the day after. I’d be scared, but then again, I’m not 88 either.
I haven’t been down to the Community Library downstairs in the past couple of weeks. I guess it’s because I’m letting Pamela and Mary get to me partly. Drew‘s been down there a few times. Yesterday he went down to ask for some spare hangers, to hang up some of the new clothes he’s picked up recently.
Mary was none too polite in her mutterings about that, and I have been obliged to file a letter of complaint to both Mary and Pamela, as well as cc: to other parties that should be concerned, such as our Health Promotional Officer and our Community Services worker. I’m anxiously awaiting theirs ( i.e.. Pamela’s) response. It should be interesting. What the problem boils down to though is treating all people with the respect they deserve. It’s something that Mary and Pamela have a reputation for throughout the building, that condescending attitude.
Today, being Friday, I was supposed to get together with the students from Seneca College to continue our work organizing the library, except no one showed up.
I’ve just about had it with them. When I was first approached by Linda Gilbert, our CHU Health Promotional Officer, about getting them to help organize the books, I figured this was to be a very short term project. Not only has it taken well beyond the time I thought it would, the estimated costs, etc… The project just seems to be getting well out of hand. I have one idea, and they (Seneca) seem to have a much larger one, and I just can’t see it happening, and it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in listening. The only reality check I can think of is just severing our partnership with them.
Not without a lot more resources, people and perhaps a grant or two. But I’m only one person, plus Drew, and I’m starting to feel the strain of trying to please too many people and not pleasing anyone.
Oh yeah…. I got my Bell Sympatico High Speed internet finally. The Bell guy was very prompt, although I begged him to come an hour later, since I was just getting out of bed when he called (not a morning person).
Now this is a free perk that is provided by RepsLink which is an agency that is part of TCHC, and they are chiefly responsible with supplying all Tenant Representatives with a free computer and internet access for the duration of their term.
It is hoped that we, the Representatives will use it to network and come up with new ideas, as well as providing support for what sometimes is a thankless position.
Guess I’ll leave this entry at that for now. Chat with you sooner or later